Shipping & payment conditions

International Shipping, all countries: Since July 1st, 2022, DHL have a new, excessively complicated pricing system, based on shipping destination, a base price and an additional fee for every 100 grams of package weight. Such combinations allow for 180 possible shipping fees, which makes it impossible for us to present to you in a useable chart. 
Our webshop software will calculate your shipping fee while you place your order, and list the final fee before payment.

Insured shipping: Fastest shipping method. DHL will send you a tracking link. Should your package go astray, we will resend your package, or return your payment to you. 

Uninsured shipping: Slower but cheaper shipping method. DHL do not offer a tracking link for this service, but we will email you a copy of the dispatch note. Uninsured shipping is at your own risk, once delivered to DHL, we will not resend your package or return your payment, should your package get lost.

These conditions do not include the possible import fees and duties of your country.

Inside the European Union:
EU standard bank transfer, Sofort Transactions, Paypal.
From outside the European Union: Paypal. Please note our information about alternative payment options at the top of the screen.