Reviews about: Berliner Luft 10 gr Refill Bag

    5 out of 5 stars!
    Saturday, February 19, 2022
    A beautifully crafted snuff that is everything I wished to find in the big German snuff producers\' products—like Bernard and Pösch—but never did. Berliner Luft has a wonderful texture that\'s silky and smooth like schmalzler. The aromas are magical as well, with bergamot being the most noticeable. With that said, if you\'ve had English \"SP\" snuffs with bergamot, this is completely different than those in every way; don\'t expect a Tom Buck or a SP No.1! Instead, it presents bergamot in a way that is totally unique in my experience. Berliner Luft combines the wonderfully rich aromas of all-natural, \"black\", strongly fermented snuff (without any artificial smoke scent like Bernard uses) with the light and breezy scent of bergamot, as well as earthy and refreshing spices. It is absolutely amazing! Additionally, it is a very easy snuff to take, and gentle on the nose. Berliner Luft is easily one of my favorite snuffs in the Rosinski catalog, and enjoyable in any season and at any time of day.
    Berliner Luft 10 gr Refill Bag