Reviews about: Klippenritt 10 gr Refill Bag

    5 out of 5 stars!
    Saturday, July 9, 2022
    This Kashubian style snuff is another one of Rosinkski\'s uniquely aromatic ones. Although I love many of the other offerings from Rosinski, if I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Klippenritt is aptly described as \"the maritime snuff\", and as someone who lives near the sea, I can certainly see the reason and the inspiration for this designation.\r\n\r\nKlippenritt is very dark green in color, with strong aromas of camphor, wintergreen, a bit of frankincense or myrrh (I\'m guessing on this ingredient), and a hint of lime. If you\'re an American, the scent of the wintergreen will probably remind you of Pepto Bismol, and as others commented, wintergreen is also used in some topical ointments. However, it can be a very soothing and enjoyable aroma that doesn\'t have to be purely medicinal in its use.\r\n\r\nThe sound of a snuff that smells like a common medicine might seem odd, and it certainly won\'t be everybody\'s cup of tea. For me, it\'s wonderful. All of these aromas work in perfect harmony with each other and with Rosinski\'s high quality base tobacco flour—which is far superior to that of most snuff companies—you simply can\'t go wrong with this. Combined with Rosinski\'s dedication and snuff making skill, this all comes together to make the best snuff I\'ve ever had, truly.
    Klippenritt 10 gr Refill Bag